Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2

This “Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2” is a second review of the shower facility at the Pilot Travel Center in Hebron, IN, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2

Date: 6/29/2010
Location: Pilot Travel Center, Hebron, IN, I-65, exit 240

Overall Facility: Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2

  • Showers assigned automatically via kiosk
  • Keyless entry via keypad (code on printout from kiosk)
  • Able to get more towels from attendant
  • Shower number being called could be heard in the travel store
  • Shower number corresponding to shower customer could be seen on monitor and call heard in the travel store
  • Shower is free with minimum 50 gallon purchase of fuel from a Pilot Travel Center anywhere in the nation within the last 5 days.

Shower #5

Pros: Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2

  • There was plenty of counter space at sink
  • Mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • Water pressure from sink was good
  • Electrical outlets worked well
  • Towels were thick and thirsty (like a beach towel)
  • Washcloths were sufficiently thick
  • Toilet flushed well
  • Two small packaged bars of soap were provided
  • A paper bath mat was provided
  • The fan worked well
  • Two towel hooks were directly outside the shower stall
  • There was enough room for a husband and wife team to move around comfortably without feeling crowded.
  • Mike did not notice any mold or mildew in the shower stall.

Cons: Shower Review Pilot Indiana Hebron 2

  • Showerhead in shower stall was positioned too high to be adjusted by shorter drivers
  • Showerhead was very unlike one used in a home, which usually delivers what we call a “sand blaster” type of spray; in this case, the water pressure was not quite that hard.
  • Water pressure in shower was not consistent throughout Mike’s shower; it fluctuated whenever a toilet was flushed.
  • Showerhead was not positioned so as to let the water temperature be set without getting wet
  • Showerhead was not positioned in the stall so as to minimize splattering on floor outside stall
  • The built-in seat was not quite big enough for an oversized shower bag
  • Even when the fan was on “high,” the mirror would fog when someone showered
  • There was way too much humidity in the room; condensation formed not only on the mirror, but also on the walls and floor.
  • The door restrictor was broken.
  • Small tiles on the shower stall floor were not laid flat and made standing on them for
    any length of time uncomfortable.
  • The tiles in the shower stall seemed a bit slick to stand on, probably due to the soft water.
  • The height of the step going into the shower stall was unusually high, which could lead to drivers stumbling or tripping over it, especially those who wear glasses and cannot see it clearly
  • There were dark spots in areas outside the shower stall that may have been mold or mildew.
  • Although it was obvious that some upgrades had been made to the room, it showed signs of

Note: The water at this facility is quite soft, which could lead to customers’ difficulty determining when they have rinsed off all soap.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): B-

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