Free Downloads for Truckers; Useful Tools for Professional Truck Drivers

This page contains a list of our free downloads, including .pdf and zipped files containing spreadsheets.

Free DownloadsIn April 2013, Vicki started a short run of audio recordings for free podcasts for truckers.

There are comparison tables, packing lists, checklists, and other files available.

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Linked page on our site Named Download
About Us Read Through the Bible in One Year (.pdf)
Budgeting Beginner Budget (.zip)
Budgeting My Spending Diary (.pdf)
Budget Planning Yearly Mileage Tracker (.zip)
Compact Refrigerators Compact Refrigerators Comparison Table (.pdf)
Death and Dying Account Information and End-of-Life Planning
Death and Dying Computer Account Usernames and Passwords
EmpowermentHot Truck Temperature vs. Rest Documentation (.pdf)
First Aid Kit Customizing Your First Aid Kit (.pdf)
Food Storage Shopping List (.pdf)
Goal Setting and To Do List Personal Goals for Any Year (.pdf)
Goal Setting and To Do List Trucking Goals for Any Year (.pdf)
Goal Setting and To Do List One page TDMST 2012 calendar
One page TDMST 2013 calendar
Hand Held Vacuum Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Comparison (.pdf)
Inverter Inverter Comparison Table (.pdf)
Meal Plan Meal Plan Chart (.pdf)
Meal Plan Meal Selections list (.pdf)
Meal Savings Meal Savings table (.pdf)
Medical Emergency ICE – In Case of Emergency – Home (.pdf)
Medical Emergency ICE – In Case of Emergency – Road (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Coupling Procedure Record (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Drivers Orientation Trip Performance Evaluation (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Driving Performance Evaluation (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Mutual Expectations (between Trainer and Trainee) (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) On Road Scaling Worksheet (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Student Co-Driver Supply List (.pdf)
Mutual Expectations (Training) Trip Planning Worksheet (.pdf)
Packing List Packing List – Food & Equipment (.pdf)
Packing List Packing List – Job-Related (.pdf)
Packing List Packing List – Personal (.pdf)
Priorities My Priorities in Life (.pdf)
Record Keeping Load Assignment Notebook Page (.pdf)
To Do List To Do Checklist – Any Year, List Only (.pdf)
To Do Checklist – Any Year, With Purchases (.pdf)
Tread Depth Tread Depth and Tire Pressure Documentation Table
Truck Driver Training Schools Pre-Trip Inspection Combo (.pdf)
Truck Driving Schools Pros and Cons of Pulling Various Types of Trailers (.pdf)

We also have embedded a number of calculators on our site, including

  • “Bed Sheets vs. Sleeping Bag Calculator” on our Bed Sheets and Sleeping Bags pages;
  • “Smoking Costs Calculator (Packs) and (Cartons)” on our Quit Smoking page; and
  • “Smokers Insurance Rate-Ups Calculator” on our Quit Smoking page.

If you have an idea for a file that would be ideal on this Free Downloads page, please contact us.

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