TDMST Weekly Round-Up 2022.07.23

TDMST Weekly Round-Up 2022.07.23 is the trucking commentary on news affecting professional truck drivers, written by Vicki Simons for the week ending July 23, 2022.

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TDMST Weekly Round-Up

1. Regarding AB5, authority, labor, limiter:


It appears as though the fight over AB5 is not over!

Please be careful about getting involved in a “rally” that could turn violent or during which you may be charged legally with a crime.

I suggest making calls, writing texts, and sending hard copy mail to every state level elected official who can undo the damage that AB5 has wrought in the state, namely those in:

Let them know that you’re unhappy and why.

And don’t give up after just one or two contacts with these people.

Your liberty is worth more than just a few minutes of your time!



Quote from article:

“I think companies need to invest more in their workforces, their potential workforces,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh. “This is an opportunity to create a workforce that works for them.”

In my opinion, having companies invest in their workers is a decision that the companies must make themselves and does not need to be proposed by an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat.


Quote from the last article linked above, from North Carolina-headquartered owner-operator William McKelvie:

A device that limits speed does not train you to avoid accidents, nor any other basic driving skills. It also does not teach you one of the most important tools that a driver has at their disposal, to always leave a way out.

Excellent points!


2. Regarding fuel, fuel economy, fuel prices, fuel surcharges:


Fuel economy

Fuel prices

A July 13, 2022, article stated:

“Rising energy prices accounted for half the total inflation, with the gasoline index rising an incredible 11.2%.”

Blaming the wrong entity for inflation of fuel prices distracts those in charge from correcting their mistakes.

Fuel surcharges


3. Regarding accidents:


Please learn from these articles what you can do to help prevent being involved in a similar accident yourself.


4. Regarding economy, inflation, pay, tolls, IFTA, rates, taxes:



Quotes from the last article linked above:

Spot rates for dry van, which is what Dow Brothers Transportation specialized in, declined by 24% from the beginning of the year to the week of July 17, according to data from load board Expenses, meanwhile, have soared. The break-even cost to run a truck in 2022 is $3.27 per mile, significantly up from $2.16 per mile last year.

The three truck drivers all operated in different parts of North America and in different industries. But they shared one common fear: Big trucking companies are getting bigger, and it’s at the expense of the owner-operator.

Do you agree or disagree?

Please comment through the form below.



Quote from article (minus links):

Guess who opposes overtime pay for drivers, something that could attract more drivers to the industry?

The same people who cry about a driver shortage — big truckload carriers and their big club, the American Trucking Associations — that’s who.

The Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act, introduced in the House of Representatives in April, would right a wrong that has existed since 1938. The measure would simply delete the section of the Fair Labor Standards Act titled “Exemptions.” The section names all the workers excluded from the act, including truck drivers.



IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement.




5. Regarding drugs, smuggling, theft:


Never, ever agree to haul illegal drugs, no matter how big of an incentive you’re offered.


Never, ever agree to treat human beings like they are cattle or cargo, no matter how much you’ve been offered.


Make it difficult for thieves to steal from you by locking up what is valuable.


6. Regarding HOS, insurance, inspections, safety:


Quoting from the first article in this section, Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., posed this question to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg during a House committee hearing on Tuesday, July 19:

If America’s truck drivers have safely delivered relief loads under an emergency declaration waiver for more than two years, then why are strict hours-of-service regulations needed?



The subtitle for this article is: “Rates are largely determined by factors within the control of the motor carrier”.




7. Regarding maintenance, securement, tires:


Quoting from the article linked above:

…remanufactured parts that can be as reliable as new products, at a fraction of the cost.

If you need truck parts, see the Truck Parts Inventory section of our page here.


Don’t skip securing your load, no matter how much you may believe that it can’t move!



8. Regarding recruiting, shortage, regulations:





9. Regarding roads, parking:



While I am totally in favor of more truck parking, this is not one of the few and defined enumerated powers granted to the legislative branch of the federal government, as listed in Article I, Section 8, of The Constitution of the United States.

Therefore, according to the Tenth Amendment, truck parking is a matter left up to the states and the people.

Just saying…


10. Regarding technology, supply chain:


Supply chain

The last article in the section above got me to thinking about this topic.

So, I went looking for a definition for “carbon footprint” and found this:

“the amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide emitted by something (such as a person’s activities or a product’s manufacture and transport) during a given period”.

Just as a reminder:

  • humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide; and
  • plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.


11. Regarding electric, emissions, incentive:





12. Regarding recognition and award:

We honor these truckers for having helped their fellow human beings in a time of need.

We congratulate these truckers for their achievements:


My husband Mike and I wish you — and all professional truck drivers — safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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