Dog Water

By: Giovanni,

Pet Travel Money Saving TipsImportant: Make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh water available to drink.

Response from Vicki:

Thanks, Giovanni. I wondered how any driver would be able to let his/her pet drink while traveling without water splashing all over the place. It is even worse in a big truck because the hinge between the tractor and trailer(s) let it buck whenever the rig hits a bump.

In researching this, I found a most interesting product (in two different sizes) on, with which we have an affiliate relationship.:



Not only does this bowl keep water from spilling while traveling, but it is designed to keep a pet’s long ears and facial beard (if it has these features) from dragging in the dog water. How ingenious!

Drivers, how do you make sure that your pet has enough water to drink? What are the signs that a pet might be getting dehydrated?

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