Idleair Extends Price Freeze Through May 31, 2012

By: Jeff Maurer,
Knoxville, TN USA

Truckers Savings NewsIdleAir is pleased to announce an extension of the 2011 Price Guarantee Program, which freezes current prices through May 31, 2012. IdleAir Premium Service will remain at $1.99/hr through 5/31/2012 and IdleAir’s Extended Stay Service for continuous stays beyond the first 10 hours will remain at $1.25/hr through 5/31/2012. Drivers and fleets with different discounted rates will automatically receive the lowest hourly rate.

When the Price Guarantee Program was first announced in April 2011, Ethan Garber, IdleAir CEO said: “With rising and volatile diesel prices, we wanted to offer even greater stability and savings to our customers. We have been very successful in streamlining services and cutting operational costs and this allows us to commit to keeping our service prices flat. We’re eager to share those savings with drivers and fleets and we are especially proud that our electricity comes from clean, secure, domestic sources instead of expensive foreign oil.” (no longer online)