Roadpro Lunchbox

By: Allie,

Review This ProductI have been using these things for 16 or so years now and have probably owned 4 or 5 in that time. There are two main problems with the RoadPro. the hinges for the lid are held together with plastic pin things that tend to work their way out when I use this without the lid latched all the way. I often stick a can of soup in there and let it heat no dishes:). The second thing is that if you put food directly on the bottom, even in a tin, it will burn. So what I do is cook in slow cooker liners and use some aluminum foil twisted into balls to keep the food off the bottom. You can cook quite a bit in this. I have made 2 small stuffed Cornish game hens plus some potato and carrot at one time. All and all it’s not as good as a crockpot but works alright. If you have an inverter get a cockpit with a latching lid if not you can make do with this.