Reviews of Airtab Aerodynamic Fuel Economy Saver by Truckers

During Vicki’s research on air resistance, she found the site for Airtab, which states that the products

“are small, efficient wishbone shaped vortex generators that are a practical and cost effective solution to the problem of suction or ‘base pressure’ aerodynamic drag at the back of large vehicles and at the tractor/trailer gap.”

She told Mike about her find and he said he has seen them installed on tractor trailer rigs in the USA.

On a standard 18-wheeler, there are two air drag areas:

  • directly behind the tractor and
  • directly behind the trailer.

These devices can be installed in both locations to reduce drag.

According to the website, they can “deliver fuel savings in the 2% to 5% range” and “[any] big box going down the road at highway speeds is a candidate”.

The product can be matched in color (link).

The website has downloadable installation instructions.


If you are a professional truck driver and you have used Airtab aerodynamic vortex generators in the course of your work within the last 6 months, we invite you to review them on this page through the form below, answering questions such as these:

  • How many did you buy and where did you install them?
  • What was the primary benefit you were hoping to receive by using them?
  • What benefits did you actually receive?
  • How would you rate the quality and fuel saving ability of the products?
  • Were the products worth the price you paid for them?
  • How did the products save you money?
  • Would you buy the products again and why?




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