Favorite Essential Oils for Truckers

Do you think that our time-tested favorite essential oils are too wimpy for truckers?

Favorite essential oils for truckersIf so, then perhaps you don’t know what they can do and how owerful they are.

On this page, we endeavor to show you how these concentrated power houses from nature can help professional truck drivers with some of life’s difficulties — both at home and on the road.

Yes, we were skeptical at first, too.

That is, until Mike got hurt on the job as a professional truck driver.

We were introduced to essential oils and they became a significant part of his complete recovery and ability to regain full mobility.

Up until then, we had always thought that this group of products was just for good smells.

We didn’t know that the uses for essential oils included health and wellness.

(Note: Only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils should ever be used for inhalation, topical application or ingestion.)


Many Types and Uses of Essential Oils

There are hundreds of essential oils and essential oil blends, each of which can be used for specific reasons.

Please consult an application chart to guide you in their use and always check individual label directions before use.

Some users have found that they use certain oils or oil blends much more frequently than others. The ones below from Young Living are Mike’s favorites.


Mike’s Favorite Essential Oils

Mike Simons's favorite essential oil blend to apply topically after exercise, Young Living's PanAway.Mike Simons’s favorite essential oil blend to apply topically after exercise: Young Living’s PanAway (wholesale).

PanAway is the essential oil blend that helped Mike regain full mobility after he got hurt on the job in February 2012.







Mike Simons's favorite essential oil blend to help him relax in preparation for sleep: Peace & Calming .Mike Simons’s favorite essential oil blend to help him relax in preparation for sleep: Young Living’s Peace & Calming (wholesale).

Peace & Calming® helps Mike relax to sleep well. He usually uses this essential oil blend in conjunction with Lavender essential oil almost every night.







Mike Simons's favorite essential oil for alertness as a trucker: Young Living's Peppermint.Mike Simons’s favorite essential oil for mental invigoration as a trucker: Young Living’s Peppermint (wholesale).

Mike carried a small bottle of Peppermint essential oil with him every day in trucking, even as a local truck driver.

He skips the use of caffeine and other stimulants, and instead uses this completely natural product to invigorate his mind and senses.

When needed, he inhales it straight from the bottle or applies a little of it in key places on his neck and head. He says he experiences the invigoration within 2 minutes as a result.



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