Fuel Island Review Pilot Georgia Cordele

This “Fuel Island Review Pilot Georgia Cordele” is a review of the fuel island at the Pilot Travel Center in Cordele, GA, USA.


This review is being conducted based upon our own expectations of what a fuel island that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like. Mike’s driver manager at his trucking company has said that the company wants feedback from their drivers regarding their fuel solutions (locations where they are assigned to get fuel). If the drivers have a bad experience, they are to report that and if the company receives enough bad reports about a particular fueling location, the company will look for alternatives. In this way, there is an economic incentive for truck stops to provide what drivers need and want when they arrive at a fueling location.

For our review, we are choosing to assign a number to each aspect of the fuel island experience:

  • “5” is excellent;
  • “4” is very good;
  • “3” is average or ok;
  • “2” is unsatisfactory and needs attention;
  • “1” is poor and needs immediate corrective action; and
  • “N/A” means not applicable.

We are choosing not to identify a specific bay because we figure that what goes at one bay at a facility will generally be true at all of them.

Fuel Island Review

Date: 7/5/2010

Location: Pilot Travel Center, Cordele, GA, I-75, exit 101

Grading categories: “Fuel Island Review Pilot Georgia Cordele”

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Fuel island area was clean, devoid of fuel and oil on ground 4
Trash barrels were emptied or had little trash in them 1
Fuel pump was in good working order and delivered fuel in a timely manner 5
Card reader and keypad was in good working order 4
Transaction required no additional action from driver inside the facility 5
There were sufficient paper towels for checking oil or cleaning 1
Windshield washing fluid was present, was sufficiently clean and had soap in it for cutting grease and bug guts 5
There was a long handled squeegee with both sides in good working order for reaching truck windshields without having to get up on the truck 4
A water spigot with hose was present and in good working order 5
An air hose with commercial truck tire pressure was available on at least every other bay 5
Bays with ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) were well marked 5
Friendliness and courtesy of facility staff, combined with wait time N/A


Fuel Island Review Pilot Georgia Cordele

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Categories being graded at this facility: 11
Total points for all categories: 44
Grade for fuel island at this facility (points/categories): 4.4


Observations: “Fuel Island Review Pilot Georgia Cordele”

The exit from the fuel island onto the road was poorly designed in a contracting funnel shape. Trucks going through the ULSD lanes closest to the buildings were forced to move to the left to get through the egress, contracting the exit space.

Getting to this truck stop can be an interesting adventure depending on the time of day and the direction from which one is coming off the interstate. We anticipate that the state may eventually be forced to put stop lights at the interchange. As of this writing, the interchange is under construction and badly in need of being completed.

As we were leaving the truck stop, we also noted that there was one truck on the scale and two more waiting behind it, backing up trucks to the road.

None of these situations had a bearing on this review. However, perhaps management can address these topics in a way that is satisfactory to their customers.

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