Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs

This “Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs” page containsΒ a review by a professional truck driver of the Grandma Max’s restaurant in Big Springs, Nebraska.

My Name Mike Simons
Country where I drive professionally USA
I am a/an Company Driver
Name of truck stop and its location (city and state) where the truck stop restaurant is that I’m reviewing — as well as the name of the restaurant or franchise within the truck stop. Flying J/Bosselman’s, Grandma Max’s at Big Springs, NE
Date when I had a meal at this truck stop (month, day, year) 06/22/2014

Specifics about the restaurant and meal at
Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs

What type of restaurant and meal/food did I get? Sit-down restaurant meal
How would I describe the meal I ate at this truck stop restaurant? Breakfast
How long was my wait for someone to take my order? No waiting
What entrees (or main dishes) did I eat? From the buffet, scrambled eggs, link sausages, bacon, biscuits and gravy.
What fruits and/or vegetables did I eat? From the buffet, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple
What soup and/or salad did I eat? None
What bread did I eat? Biscuits and spice muffins
What dessert did I eat? None
What, if any, custom meal did I order and did it arrive as ordered? My wife Vicki ordered a full-sized chef salad but hold the sweet onions, with Ranch dressing on the side. It came as ordered.
What did I have to drink (hot or cold)? Ice water and decaf coffee
Was my food and/or beverage at the right temperature? Just right
What, if anything, did I specifically want to eat (on bars or menu) that was not available? There were no salad items on the buffet, so Vicki opted for the chef salad from the menu instead.
How clean was the restaurant and my table? Very clean
How attentive was my server? Somewhat attentive
How was the atmosphere in the restaurant? – Temperature was just right
– Music was just right
– Lights were just right
If I had a sit-down meal, how comfortable was my table and chair/bench? Somewhat comfortable

Summary about
Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs

Do I feel that the value of the food and service for this truck stop restaurant experience was worth what I paid for it? No
Based on my personal expectations, what grade would I give to this restaurant experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)? B
Additional comments It would have been nice to have had extra napkins, straws automatically offered with our ice water, and to have been asked if I would have liked cream with my coffee. We both felt as though the items were priced a little high, but obviously, we stayed and ate after seeing the prices on the menu.

The breakfast hot bar was being regularly restocked with fresh items. The bacon was very tasty and not greasy. The fresh pineapple and strawberries were very tasty. The coffee was freshly brewed, not too strong and at the right temperature.

It would have been nice if our server had asked if we found our meals to our liking. We were pleased that our attendant had a name tag. The cashier was friendly.

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