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This is a restaurant review of the Iowa 80 Kitchen in Walcott, IA. Restaurant Review Iowa 80 Kitchen Iowa Walcott Restaurant Review

My Name
Mike Simons

Country where I drive professionally

I am a/an
Company Driver

Name of truck stop and its location (city and state) where the truck stop restaurant is that I’m reviewing — as well as the name of the restaurant or franchise within the truck stop.
Iowa 80 Kitchen; Walcott, IA
I-80, exit 284

Date when I had a meal at this truck stop (month, day, year)

Specifics about the restaurant and meal at
Restaurant Review Iowa 80 Kitchen Iowa Walcott

What type of restaurant and meal/food did I get?
Sit-down restaurant meal

How would I describe the meal I ate at this truck stop restaurant?

How long was my wait for someone to take my order?
No waiting

What entrees (or main dishes) did I eat?
Fried chicken, roast pork, macaroni and cheese, BBQ pork chops

What fruits and/or vegetables did I eat?
Mashed potatoes with brown gravy

What soup and/or salad did I eat?
Spring salad with tomatoes, cheese, broccoli, sunflower seeds, Thousand Island dressing and crackers; broccoli salad; cottage cheese

What bread did I eat?

What dessert did I eat?

What, if any, custom meal did I order and did it arrive as ordered?

What did I have to drink (hot or cold)?
Sweet tea

Was my food and/or beverage at the right temperature?
Just right

What, if anything, did I specifically want to eat (on bars or menu) that was not available?

How clean was the restaurant and my table?
Just OK

How attentive was my server?
Not at all attentive

How was the atmosphere in the restaurant?
Temperature was just right
Lights were just right

If I had a sit-down meal, how comfortable was my table and chair/bench?
Somewhat comfortable

Summary about
Restaurant Review Iowa 80 Kitchen Iowa Walcott

Do I feel that the value of the food and service for this truck stop restaurant experience was worth what I paid for it?

Based on my personal expectations, what grade would I give to this restaurant experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)?

Additional comments
The food was what you could expect at a truck stop restaurant. Nothing particularly outstanding but adequate and filling after a long day of driving.

What was especially noteworthy was that my server did not check during the meal to refill my drink glass, I asked for extra napkins (which she brought with my drink), and I had to ask for my check.

The tea was not sweet enough, in spite of it being called “sweet tea.”

Upon paying for my meal, I was NOT THANKED for my business. NOT GOOD! For a business that advertises itself on the interstate billboards as “We’re glad you’re here!”, the server and cashier did not convey that message.

Another driver was looking for a seat near me, but the dirty dishes had not been removed, yet a server saw the table as she was looking directly at it.

It seemed that my server was somewhat flighty; she needs further training on how to properly serve patrons. I left a $1 tip as I felt that the service deserved nothing more than that.

Recommend this restaurant? Perhaps, but the service really needs to be much better for this business to truly live up to its reputation. I doubt I’ll be back as there are other restaurants in the area. I felt underwhelmed at the level of service.

Other drivers may be happy with what they receive here and that’s fine. But I think that there could be improvements made if taken seriously.

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Restaurant Review Iowa 80 Kitchen Iowa Walcott

Photo of meal eaten at Iowa 80 Kitchen in Walcott, Iowa.

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Comment Submitted on April 14, 2015

they seriously need new and better management

by: David L

I agree. Service has really fallen off. They used to have a core group of servers who were attentive and you felt good leaving a good tip. The sad thing is, the server is just going to think that you were a cheapskate and fail to realize that it was her own doing. I had a somewhat similar experience with a dirty table. I stood next to the table for a few minutes while the two girls chatted in the corner. They both liked at me as if they expected me to bus the table myself. I went to the other side.

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