Reversing Waistline Creep

Who may want to start reversing waistline creep (that is, an ever-expanding midsection)?

Reversing Waistline CreepThose who consume high calorie meals and have a sedentary lifestyle — including many professional truck drivers — may be first on the list.

It doesn’t take long for the pounds to add up.

Let’s take one example of consuming just 100 calories more — per day — than one burns off.

That’s not hard to do, especially in a fast food restaurant.

  100 calories per day 
x 365 days per year
36500 calories per year

36500 calories / 3500 calories per pound = 10.4 pounds
36500 calories / 7716 calories per kilogram = 4.7 kilograms

You can see where this is going if you compound the addition year after year.

Losing Weight and Getting Out of Debt are Similar

The way to get out of debt involves:

  • earning more money,
  • spending less money, or
  • a combination of the two.

Similarly, the way to lose weight involves:

  • burning off more calories than you consume;
  • eating fewer calories than you need; or
  • a combination of the two.

Some people have had success in losing overall weight — not just reversing waistline creep — by using supplements or essential oils of one sort or another.

If you go this route, we encourage you to make sure that the supplements are completely natural with no solvents or extenders or fillers in them.

Changing Eating Habits

High calorie versus lower calorie meals.Truckers can begin to shape their food choices and meal preparation habits a little differently.

There are, of course, weight loss success stories from those who have eaten a significant number of meals at restaurants by choosing food carefully.

Possibly the most famous would be Jared Fogle, who lost weight by eating food at Subway®.(1,2)

Truckers who are motivated to do so are encouraged to create their own customized fitness programs with enough variety to help them continue.

There are plenty of suggestions on our physical exercises page.

Did you make it a goal to improve your health and wellness and lose weight this year?

Now that we’re two weeks into the year (as of today, January 14, 2014), how are you doing?

According to the CDC, there are adverse health effects associated with being overweight and obese. (no longer online)

Let’s all strive to be at our optimum weight this year.

And if it results in reversing waistline creep, so be it.

Note: This article — which was originally written and published on January 14, 2014, by Vicki Simons — was updated slightly in 2018.

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