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Trucker Media: News Releases: 2012-2013

  • Gives GATS Exhibitors Offering Trucker Freebies Free Publicity
    The creators of, Mike and Vicki Simons, announce that they will be offering free publicity to any exhibitors at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) who are offering freebies and discounts to truck drivers at the event. This offer is available through August 21st, and the registration form can be found on the website.
  • Announces Giveaways at Truck Driver Social Media Convention
    The creators of, Mike and Vicki Simons, announce that they will give away items to help professional truck drivers save money at the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention.
  • Truckers Savings Journalists Program Enables Truckers Who Share Money Saving Tips to Make Money announces the launch of the Truckers Savings Journalists program on their site. This program gives approved professional truck drivers (“Journalists”) the opportunity to earn money from advertising appearing with industry-specific money saving articles and reviews they write and submit to the site. More information about the program can be obtained at
  • Celebrates 4 Years of Helping Truckers Save Money
    Experiences in trucking spur website creators to help truck drivers around the world save money and make money
  • How Trucking-Related Businesses Help Truckers Save Money for Free
    Today’s professional truck drivers look to save money on the products and services they use wherever they can. Finding information from individual businesses offering money saving opportunities used to be challenging — until the creators of launched the Truckers Savings News program on their site. To help truckers easily find their money saving deals, trucking-related businesses that meet the program’s revised requirements can publicize them on the site for free.
  • Future of Trucking Industry Predicted Based on Financial Penalty to Truckers
    In response to a report about a $500 fine being given to truckers who arrive late for an appointment, the creators of, Mike and Vicki Simons, made a prediction today regarding the future of the trucking industry.
  • Start of Fifth Year of Publishing Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter Celebrated
    On Friday, August 9, the creators of celebrated the effective beginning of the fifth year of publishing Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, the free monthly ezine to help truckers save money.

Trucker Media: News Releases: 2014 – 2015

  • Celebrates Five Years of Helping Truckers Save Money
    Continuing in its mission to help professional truck drivers save money, celebrates its 5 year anniversary.
  • to Give Truckers Free Samples of Young Living Essential Oils
    After professional truck driver Mike Simons was injured in an on-the-job accident, he and his wife Vicki were given a sample of a Young Living Essential Oil blend that turned out to be a significant part of Mike’s full recovery. To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the date when they were given this sample, they are giving away free samples of select Young Living Essential Oils or blends.
  • Truckers Worldwide Benefit When Each Shares Money Saving Tips
    In January 2015, will celebrate its 6th anniversary as the premier resource for professional truck drivers who want to save money. While most of the site’s content to date has been contributed by the site’s owners, the focus in the new year will be on truckers contributing their own money saving tips and reviews, in order to benefit their fellow truck drivers.
  • Responsive Design Makeover Started on
    Mike and Vicki Simons, the creators of, announced that a mobile-friendly responsive design makeover began on their website of nearly 1,000 pages on April 20, 2015. Rather than just displaying a “mobile version” of the site when a mobile device is detected, the customized responsive web design or RWD fits any screen size, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and Internet-capable phones.

Trucker Media: News Releases: 2017

  • November 8 Has Been Named ‘Low Clearance Awareness Day’Vicki Simons of has named November 8 “Low Clearance Awareness Day” for the purpose of helping professional truck drivers avoid driving commercial motor vehicles under or into structures that are shorter that their vehicles.

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