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If you’re in a trucking-related business and have truckers savings news — that is, news on any aspect of saving money of interest to professional truck drivers — we encourage you to share it with our readers and followers.

Truckers Savings NewsOur website has been proven to be the place to “get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers.” We openly encourage the sharing of money saving tips from others.

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Where Your News Goes

When published, each news submission:


Man putting money into a piggy bank to save it.Money saving news for truck drivers accepted through this page must meet the following requirements:

  • be submitted by a company that has no reports of exploiting truckers;
  • contain a timely* and genuine money-saving offer — whether time-limited or not — that is geared specifically for professional truck drivers;
  • be in news release format;
  • be hype-free such that it contains or links to substantiation of any claims made; and
  • contain at least one hyperlink to a page on your website with information contained in your news release.

By necessity, the website linked in your news release must contain a way for readers to contact you, such as by phone or through an easy-to-find contact form, if they have questions about your offer.

Timely Truckers Savings News

* A “timely” money saving opportunity must be submitted such that

  • either it began no earlier than 7 days before the submission and continues at least 7 days after submission
  • or it will begin no later than 7 days after the submission;

The image below of a sample month and highlighted dates may make it easier to understand our date requirements:

Illustration detailing Truckers Savings News date requirements.

The red cell represents the date of a submission, the offer of which began no earlier than 7 days before (the first yellow cell) and continues at least 7 days afterward (the second yellow cell).

The blue cell represents the date of a submission, the offer of which will begin no later than 7 days afterward (the green cell).

Topics and Audience

Money saving news for truckers published through this page can be about

  • saving money on any product or service marketed and sold to truck drivers;
  • a discount, coupon, rebate or other incentive directed to truckers; or
  • something very similar as long as it explicitly concerns professional truck drivers saving money.

Your Truckers Savings News can apply to company drivers, owner-operators or independent truckers; OTR, regional or local truck drivers; located in the USA or internationally.

We will make sure that at least one of the URLs in your news release is made into a hyperlink so that our readers can click through to your site.

Gentle Requests

If you have more than one piece of money saving news for truckers, please share each piece individually.

Since we are providing a page with your information and link for free on our site, we would greatly appreciate having a backlink from your site to ours. Thanks in advance.

Helping You Save Money, Too

While you may use the services of a professional news broadcasting firm — such as those who specialize in sending news releases — some of them can cost a lot of money.

Here, you can submit your truckers savings news for free.

Thanks for helping professional truck drivers save money.

Additional Resources Regarding Truckers Savings News

Some of the resources provided below have been submitted by others.

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