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By: stephen michaels,

Truck Operations IdeaI was reading your article, and you mentioned you cannot find any trucks with LIVE cameras. I run an entire website doing just that – broadcasting LIVE RAW video from my smartphone to my webpages, also a ten second still LIVE camera as well as make HD recordings to my YouTube channel.

You can go to

Having the cameras does protect me as well as do live broadcasts on the web in real time and also records!


Response from Vicki:

Hello, Stephen,

Thank you for sharing your websites in response to our page about truck cams (aka “smart cams” or “dash cams”).

We would like to know the specifics regarding how you broadcast live raw video from your Smartphone to your web pages:

* What Smartphone app do you use to take video?

* How much data does it take to record, say, 10 minutes of video?

* What kind of Smartphone and data package do you have that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

* How do you secure your Smartphone in order to take video out your windshield?

* How do you save video (in case you need it as evidence in a collision scenario)?

Thanks so much for letting us and our readers know!

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons