Easy, Quick Snacks

By: Kathy Hagle,
Albany, Oregon

Home Support Team TipLooking for things that are easy, quick snacks for the driver at home can and does stretch the budget.

I will dig through the local grocery store ads for prepackaged snacks. And look for the sales, and stock up while he is out. So that time isn’t taken to go shopping during home time. And there are cheap snacks already on hand for when my husband is out on the road.

This saves money, as the truck stops tend to be like the local convenience store. They charge a lot of money for simple snacks. And you can beat that with getting the snacks to send out with the truck driver. Also you have more storage so you can use Costco and the like for loved items that store easily in the truck.

Thanks, Kathy. Your voice as the wife of a professional truck driver is always welcome on our site.

In addition to Kathy’s tip, home support team members, don’t forget to clip coupons to save even more money at the store. Look especially for coupons that have no expiration date or which you can double or triple at participating stores.

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