Great Service And Great Engine For A Price That Is Unbeatable

By: Emmanuel ,
Nsshville , TN

Truck Parts Review InvitationI want to let all my fellow truckers out here, over the road or local,know that there is this place called LKQ. I guess they are a huge company but I only knew them for car parts. Well I was wrong they have a offices in Lansing, Il with an impressive warehouse that has some 4000 engine according to Tony Pasharikoff. He is the gentleman that helped me. If I didn’t have his card in front of me there is No way I would have spelled his name right. He is great guy to work with and went out of his way to pull down engine that he said he would not recommended as drop in, rather put some work into them and then go for it. Well when I took it to my mechanic he said it required very little work, we did it and now I have a 14.0L Detroit Diesel that runs like champion in my truck. What is more impressive is the amount of engines (all diesel) and parts they have. It was dream for a guy like me that enjoys this type of stuff. Engines, cranks, injectors. They even have a tear down section he took me to where guys are tearing down bad engines to get to the good stuff for selling on the open market. It was a great experience overall. He is very professional, very honest and took great care of me. The price was unbeatable anywhere. If yall need help give me a call at 708-441-613. He is easy to work with an understands the BS we all deal with. Great service and great deal!