I Have No Power From The Truck To The Pigtail Can You Please Help Me To Figure Out Y

By: John paddy ,

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Response from Mike and Vicki:

Thanks for asking a question through our site.

We wrote a page entitled Trailer Lights Don’t Work? Check Pigtail or Electrical Cord some time back, but don’t mind sharing again here.

1. Check for and remove any dirt or other debris — on both the cord and in the tractor socket — that could be impeding a good connection. Then, make sure that the pigtail is pushed into the socket on the tractor all the way.

2. Do a dirt/debris check on both the cord and in the trailer socket, too. Then, make sure that the pigtail is pushed into the socket on the trailer all the way.

3. Look to see if there are any broken prongs inside the pigtail (electrical cord) and in the outlets/sockets.

4. Has this happened with every trailer that you’ve connected to or only one or two?

If every trailer, then it could be the electrical cord itself or the electrical system of the tractor.

If not every trailer, the trailer’s electrical system could be faulty.

Try swapping out the pigtail (preferably with a brand new one). If that doesn’t solve the problem on a trailer with a properly working electrical system, then there is most likely an issue with the tractor’s electrical system.

5. If there is a fuse on this circuit, also check that. If it is blown, replace it.

Try the smaller and less expensive fixes first. If none of these fixes work, then more than likely, the tractor electrical system needs to be examined and fixed.

Please note that you must have a rig that has a properly working light system before you can take it on the road. If you are involved in an accident that was in any degree related to your rig’s non-light situation, you could be held responsible legally and financially.

We hope this helps.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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Mike and Vicki Simons