Keeping Food And Drinks Colder Longer

By: Camping Pam,

Food and Recipes IdeaOne of the things I hate about traveling is constantly having to stop for ice for my cooler. I came upon this great product called the KoolerCap, which I purchased online. The rules here say no commercial posting, so I’ll leave it for each person to look it up. The KoolerCap extended the life of ice in my cooler by over 30%. This thing is great and has already paid for itself several times over. When my cooler is not full, I have two temperature zones in it, so I put sandwiches and lighter stuff on top of it. Take some time to find it, you’ll be glad you did.


Thanks, Pam!

I was not able to find the exact product that you referred to, but I was able to find the product listed below on, with which we have an affiliate relationship.

Perhaps this will work just as well?