Lost Wallet, Lost CDL

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Truckers Services IdeaAn OTR driver lost his wallet and CDL.(1) Now what?

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First, think back to the last place you know you had your wallet. Make a list of every place you stopped since then. Then, call to find out if anyone turned in your wallet. You may be asked to identify what was inside. Let’s hope that someone was honest enough to turn it in and that you’re not far from the place where it was turned in.

Second, if you can’t track down your wallet, call your trucking company immediately and let your driver manager or fleet manager know what happened. Do not attempt to drive your truck without a driver’s license. You will have to arrange to travel back to your home state to get a new CDL.

Third, if you lost your whole wallet, you may have lost some other stuff, too, including credit cards, debit cards, fuel card, etc. You will need to contact each of the companies who issued the cards to cancel them.

I once found a wallet in a parking lot in front of a strip mall. Since I had no idea who the person was or which store he/she had gone into, I found a bank card from a local bank inside. I turned in the whole wallet at the bank, asking them to get in touch with the person. (The bank did as I requested.) Assuming there are branches of your bank in your location, you might also ask if the wallet got turned in at one of those locations.

If you lost all of your financial cards, it may be difficult to arrange for a trip back home. Although this may not be the best method, I suggest that you call one of your home support team members or friends to wire you some cash and arrange for a bus ride back home.

Even though this may not help you now, we recommend that every professional truck driver have a few basic papers filled out before hitting the road. All of these forms are on our Free Downloads page:

* In Case of Emergency – Home;
* In Case of Emergency – Road; and
* Account Information and End of Life Planning.

I hope that this is helpful to you.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons


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