Nice Idea Bad Impimentation

By: Tom,
Paris, ME.

Review This ProductThe Idea of a nice Cobra GPS got me to buy one, after just over a week I took it back to TA to exchange it for a Rand Mcnally, the Cobra has too many bugs in it and Cobra just says” we are aware and are working on it” Almost every exit I come to the thing says ” In 2 miles bear right on the road onto interstate ?? name your Interstate.After about 5 times in that 2 miles is enough to get you to throw the thing out the window. The problem with this is that I am already on the interstate and if bear to the right I will not be on the interstate I will be off on some exit but while it says bear to the right the little arrows are blinking to keep left. Then there is the annoyance of it constantly saying bear right on the road, like I am going to bear right onto rail road tracks if it doesn’t tell me to bear right on the road every time. It likes to identify rest areas and weight stations that arent there and it will take you off a well marked state route in favor of every back alley and housing development to save 5 ft. in trip length and there is no option to change that that I could find, plus Cobra doesn’t show posted speed limit as most GPS’s do they only show truck speed. SO it is a good idea but is a realy bad GPS