Portable Stove

By: Andy,
big rig on the road

I.P. aReview This ProductThe stove cooks great but it has two places weak by design. So far in two years I had to purchase four of them one after another when they go bad.

One of the weak points is the fuse holder which burns out and makes the stove unfit for further use even though the heater element is still good and.

The other weak point is that the gaskets between the aluminum body and the plastic outer box shrink and crack.

Beside that aluminum liners are nor cheap and on top of that in the process of cooking they often leak creating a good deal of a mess.

So one more suggestion I will make is to fit the stove with a stainless steel dish that can be taken out and washed instead of the aluminum disposable liners.

I’ve been trying to find one to fit in there but all I found were glass dishes. They are also good and I use a couple but it takes a lot longer to cook in them.

One more thing to consider against the usage of the liners is that it is now a well established by medical research fact that cooking in aluminum is a major factor contributing to Alzheimer disease.

In the hands of somebody with just about basic knowledge of cooking such kind of stove saves a lot of money and time as well as greatly contributing to one’s healthy way of life so now I am attempting to acquire a European portable 12v stove build to last.