Rand Mcnally GPS

By: Anthony Russo,
north branford ct

Review This ProductDo not buy rand mcnally gps,total Junk
they refuse to stand by products
tech support is a joke they too just get rid of you
if you look around reveiws on them,its clear we all had same problem with the gps
and the company and tech support
they want to do nothing to correct the problem either thru repair or replacement
they have screwed us all out of hard earned money

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We are all entitled to an opinion, mine is you had a bad time by Anonymous
Date: Jun 12, 2015

I had the complete opposite reaction from tech support and customer service. My unit was freezing up and wouldn’t reset. Customer service walked me through some protocol steps, that didn’t work so off to tech. Tech tried different ways to stop the issue, all failed so they asked if they could sync to my unit thru my PC. I said yes, turns out it was a software issue so I was credited for my unit that was out of warranty by a month, since that was how long it had been acting up, PLUS they offered me half off a new unit so 400 became 200 PLUS 100 credit on my old unit I got a brand new model 720 for$100 and they paid the shipping.
Haven’t had a single issue with the new unit, that was 20 months ago. I’d buy from them again in a heart beat

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Rand GPS Issues.. by CMT
Date: Jun 13, 2015

I have to agree with you on the Rand system. There are so many quirks with their gps it’s ridiculous. At random times while driving down an interstate, it will warn me that my route is about to take me down a dirt road in 950 feet. I’m on the interstate for crying out loud.. Too many incorrect road quirks too. It doesn’t recognize many main truck routes in Chicago and they are a Chicago based company, yet their truck atlas shows these routes as ok for trucks. If you take a truck route in some areas, the system blares at you that you’re on a truck restricted road, but reverse directions show it’s ok to take that same road. Several areas where the ramp is on your right, but it’s actually on your left, areas where interstates were given slightly different direction due to reconstruction and it still shows the old path of the interstate, even tho many of these have changed well over 20 years ago. It also recalculates a completely different route for you if you pull off at a rest area less than 500′ off the interstate. Customer service is a joke too. No one cares. Many speed limits are incorrect…going thru Ohio the speed limit is 70 yet Rand reads 55 with a thumbnail that if you touch on it, reads they are aware the correct speed limit is 70 & not 55. Then why not correct it? I updated mine several times & only construction zones seem to update. It only shows truck stops along your given route. If you have to take a ramp, then turn left, it’ll only show truck stops to your left even tho there’s a huge truck stop if you took a right off that same exact ramp. That hurts a driver when trying to plan their hours & where they’re looking to shut down at for the day.I gave up on mine a few years ago..It’s junk & I’ve just called each stop for directions instead. Stay away from this very expensive piece of garbage…It’s a waste of money..