Reviewing Cobra 8200HD

By: Larry Davis,
Bolingbroke Ga.

Review This Productthis has been a total disappointment. it recalculates as you are getting off of a ramp and you dont know to turn left or right unless you pull over and wait for it to recalculate,. I bought it online new and have called cobra, left msg with them, as you can’t get anyone on telephone or e-mail to respond. This product even adds addresses that you don’t even put in yourseld. There is nothing good about this 8200 and i would highly reccomend staying away from it. I have a garmin gor car that i use and it works very well. I used the 8200 cobra going through Atlanta and it never warned me that i couldn’t go through Atlanta on I-20 or I-75 but had to go around usin 285.
Not a good product nor any responce from Cobra.

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this product is a rip off by Anonymous
Date: Aug 04, 2015

This gps freeses and you can’t get it to work it’s practicly useless i hope i can get a refund of my money