Speeding And Garmin

By: w. baldwin,
bartow fla, usa

Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereDo the garmin units contact dispatch when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit?

Response from Vicki:

Hello and thanks for your question. Having never used a GPS unit, we are unfamiliar with whether or not they track speed. It is possible they could since they connect with a satellite.

Electronic log books (e-logs) obviously communicate with your company as do QualComm satellite units. We don’t know if either of these items record speed.

Once when we drove for Swift, we had a heavy load and were heading down a pretty good sized grade near Quartzsite, Arizona. We “let it roll” a bit and the truck’s over-speed sensor picked that up. We were questioned (“scolded” might be a better word) by our fleet manager about that later.

Thinking futuristically based on the current trends, we envision a day when all commercial motor vehicles will be able to be monitored electronically by whomever desires to monitor them (including law enforcement). The point to be made is that you shouldn’t speed habitually. Train yourself to obey the speed limits. In hilly terrain, truckers sometimes allow momentum to help them “get up the next hill.” Just be careful. (You sure don’t want a ticket for a moving violation on your record.)

Your question about whether Garmin units contact dispatch when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit is something we’ll have to let our readers answer.

If you’re a professional truck driver with a Garmin unit in your truck, would you please comment on this? Thanks in advance.

May all of you have safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons