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Services Review InvitationReaders, we are pleased to publish reviews of products and services that are marketed and sold to truckers on our site.

However, when the person writing a review does not identify the product or service within the review, it leaves a big hole.

We are publishing the review below in the hopes that the author — who did not identify himself or herself by name or email address — will come back and specify the service that gave him/her trouble.

If it is the case that we can do better on linking specific review forms on our site, please let us know how by contacting us.

In the meantime, below is the review as it was submitted through our site. We wish our readers who are professional truck drivers safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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The charge for 2 trucks was $29.95. The return went through. I made a mistake when inputting the IRS payment information. So, I called and asked them to make the correction and forward payment. They told me that I could “mail a check” to the IRS – there was nothing else they could do. SO – what you get for $29.95 from them, you can do FREE at the IRS website! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES UNLESS YOU LIKE GIVING MONEY TO OTHER PEOPLE FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!