Supplemental Training Reading Or DVD Material

By: Derrick L. Beson,
Washington, DC

Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereI drive professionally ( para – transit ) and wonder if you suggest any reading material or dvd to keep you “sharp” on the road. “Driving” by I think Vanderpool, and “Road Rage” by Dr. Driving are good reads and even help me to help the “big guys” on the highways. By being a “supportive driver” instead of a “defensive driver” makes a big difference. I still don’t understand why people see a truck or bus trying to change lanes, turn or even turn around, keep going or speed up to cut them off.

If I could, I’d salute – take my hat off – sumething respectful to guys and gals who don’t lose their cool!

Maybe something to let them know somebody out their is on their side.

Thank you, and keep Rollin’ Strong

Derrick L. Benson

Response from Vicki:

Hello, Derrick,

Thanks for writing to us to ask a question.

I tried to find the materials you listed and I could not find them. I even emailed you to see if you could provide resources, but I never got a reply. I do not know the definitions of a “supportive driver” and a “defensive driver” that you refer to. Without these definitions, it is impossible for me to comment.

There are many websites and programs that provide professional truck drivers with instruction on how to do their jobs more safely and with greater efficiency. Even some safety classes that trucking companies used to bring drivers into a terminal to take are being moved into virtual realms, so that drivers can take them from the comfort of their own trucks. We think this is the wave of the future, to take the technology to the drivers.

One resource you may find valuable is America’s Road Team.

There are also trucking publications and organizations to help drivers in various aspects of their work. We encourage you to be aware of:
* where these businesses and organizations get their money and
* what their mission and purpose is before settling on their own brand of instruction.

When Mike drove for Schneider National, they used to publish media regularly that included news tips and helps for drivers as well as talks from company leaders about such things as the vision for the future. We think that in the future, instead of publishing hard copy media (paper or CD), instruction is going to be made available digitally and virtually, for greater accessibility and a much greater cost savings.

I hope this addresses your question. If not, perhaps other drivers would care to comment below.

By the way, as I stated in my email, I’m removing your personal contact information from below or near your name in your inquiry. I feel a responsibility to protect you in this way.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.


Best regards,
Vicki Simons