Reviews of Healthy Trucking Association of America by Truckers

The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA), which may be found online at, seeks to meet “a pressing need within the trucking industry for an organization that is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our commercial driver population.”

Seeking reviews from a wide range of truckersHaving been in the trucking industry for years, we are very aware of drivers’ needs for health and wellness, including physical exercises.

HTAA has affiliate members and charter members. Besides becoming an HTAA member, businesses and organizations can become sponsors. HTAA provides news (through a blog) on their site and they have a Healthy Trucking Summit event.

Many drivers may be familiar with the hard copy magazine that HTAA publishes called “Driver Health.”

In case you have missed any, you can find the current issue as well as all of their back issues archived online through their site.

Back before they changed their website, they invited professional truck drivers to become members(1) for $7.50 per month for the benefits listed(2).

Their website hosts the HTAA Forum and links to the RAMP Forum.

One may locate a pharmacy and find drug pricing on the site. They also have a discount prescription plan and card.

If you are a professional truck driver and you either currently are — or within the last 6 months have been — a member of the Healthy Trucking Association of America, we invite you to review it on this page through the form below, answering questions such as these:

  • How long have you been an HTAA member?
  • If you were but no longer are an HTAA member, what factor(s) caused you to leave?
  • What are the top 3 reasons why you became an HTAA member?
  • Did you use any of the benefits that HTAA offered? If so, which ones?
  • How would you rate the quality of the benefits offered by HTAA?
  • Do you think that your HTAA membership is/was worth the price you paid for it?
  • How did membership in HTAA save you money?
  • Would you become an HTAA member again and why?




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1. (no longer works)

2. (no longer works)