Shower Review Ta Alabama Montgomery

This “Shower Review TA Alabama Montgomery” is a review of the shower facility at the TA (TravelCenters of America) in Montgomery, AL, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

This facility is also known as the Montgomery Travel Center.

Shower Review TA Alabama Montgomery

Date: 5/18/2010

Location: TA, Montgomery, AL, I-65, exit 168

Overall Facility: Shower Review TA Alabama Montgomery

  • Showers assigned via kiosk (swipe TA RoadKing card)
  • Shower could be accessed by swiping a TA RoadKing card or by keyless entry using the keypad
  • There was no wait for a shower at the time we needed it, so we don’t know how showers are queued
  • Shower is free with minimum 50 gallon purchase of fuel from a TA Travel Center anywhere in the nation within the last 5 days.

Shower #9

Pros: Shower Review TA Alabama Montgomery

  • There was keyless entry with either a PIN or swiping with a RoadKing card
  • Door had a deadbolt lock
  • Counter space at sink was sufficient to meet our needs
  • Mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • There was a full length mirror on the wall outside the shower stall
  • Water pressure from sink was good
  • Electrical outlets worked well
  • Water pressure in shower was good
  • Showerhead was like one at home and could be positioned easily
  • Towels were thick and thirsty, like beach towels
  • Washcloths were sufficiently thick
  • Towel rack was directly outside the shower stall so that a towel could be reached from inside the stall
  • The built-in seat was large enough to hold an oversized shower bag
  • Shower temperature stayed constant, even when a toilet was flushed
  • Shower pressure dipped only slightly when a toilet outside the room was flushed

Cons: Shower Review TA Alabama Montgomery

  • This shower room showed many signs of having been used, abused and not thoroughly cleaned; among the problems were a severe and unhealthy layer of dust on the light fixture over the sink, the vent in the ceiling and on the wall behind the door.
  • There was graffiti on the door.
  • The toilet tank cover was broken off
  • The hook on the back of the door was broken
  • The room was warm when we entered, had little ventilation and stayed warm to the point that we broke out in a sweat after showering and drying.
  • There was no fan, even though there was adequate wall space for one
  • There was mold or mildew in the grout in the shower stall
  • The temperature indicator on the shower plate and knob was exactly opposite of reality; colder meant hotter on this shower, indicating that someone hooked up the hot and cold water lines backwards upon installation.
  • The full length mirror fogged up first, then the mirror over the sink due to lack of ventilation
  • The shower was designed such that one had to get wet to adjust the water pressure or temperature
  • This shower (as are all the showers in this facility) on the second floor, which could pose an access problem for some customers.

Note: This shower may have been “clean” sometime in the past, but over time, the little things that were not cleaned or repaired added up to a not-so-nice shower experience. Of particular note is the lack of ventilation in the room, causing us to break into a sweat after our showers. Management needs to attend to this right away. We recommend a renovation of this shower room.

In case there is any doubt, we took pictures of some of the problem areas, but are loathe to publish them for public viewing.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): D

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