Messaging Rules – Rules for Engagement via Messaging

We have developed a set of messaging rules in order to better meet the needs of our target audience: professional and prospective truck drivers.

To a lesser extent, we also help the home support team members of pro truckers.

Messaging RulesWe know that our target audience will welcome and respect these messaging rules as reasonable, since we provide a safe place in which to help truckers save money and time.

We consider the following to be unacceptable behaviors from those who attempt to engage with us via messaging platforms:

  • Using photos showing clothing or poses that we consider to be immodest;
  • Asking for money;
  • Asking for photos;
  • Asking where we are;
  • Not stating up-front specifically what trucking-related help is needed;
  • Being demanding, offensive, or obnoxious; and/or
  • Suggesting a non-professional or an inappropriate relationship, including through one’s choice of a Facebook profile name.

Those who engage in these unacceptable behaviors will be banned immediately from our messaging platform(s).

Also, we read and write in the English language.

If you have a comment, question, or feedback, please write in English.

Writing in any language other than English will not produce the response you want.



One Default Message

This is our default message — either through the TruckDriversMoneySavingTips Facebook page (“Get Started”) or via ManyChat:


Mike and Vicki Simons started
in order to help current and prospective professional truck drivers save money and time.

We do not:
– give out money;
– hire truckers;
– provide job-matching services; or
– provide relationship-matching services.

If you need to contact us, please send an email via the form here:

Contact Us at

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If you ever want to unsubscribe just type and send “stop”.

Please reply to let us know what trucking-related help you seek.

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Why We Implement These Messaging Rules

Due to the excessive amount of Messenger spam that we received over a period of many months, we have been forced to change our starting message to include a link to these Messaging Rules.

Because it wastes time and resources, we will not play games by going back and forth with people, trying to drag from them what they really want.

If you want to play games, please go to a game-specific space online.

If you need specific trucking-related help, you will need to state exactly what you need within the messaging platform.

There are helpful resources outside of our website and Facebook page, so feel free to explore those.


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