Restaurant Review Travel Centers Of America Wisconsin Hudson

This is a review of the Country Pride Restaurant at the Travel Centers of America in Hudson, Wisconsin. Restaurant Review Travel Centers of America Wisconsin Hudson. Restaurant Review

My Name
Mike Simons

Country where I drive professionally

I am a/an
Company Driver

Name of truck stop and its location (city and state) where the truck stop restaurant is that I’m reviewing — as well as the name of the restaurant or franchise within the truck stop.
Country Pride Restaurant
Travel Centers of America
Hudson, WI
I-94, exit 4

Date when I had a meal at this truck stop (month, day, year)

Specifics about the restaurant and meal at
Restaurant Review Travel Centers of America Wisconsin Hudson

What type of restaurant and meal/food did I get?
Sit-down restaurant meal

How would I describe the meal I ate at this truck stop restaurant?

How long was my wait for someone to take my order?
Less than 2 minutes

What entrees (or main dishes) did I eat?
Chopped Steak dinner from the “all you can eat” side of the menu, topped with grilled onions, fresh sautéed mushrooms and brown gravy

What fruits and/or vegetables did I eat?
Baked potato with butter and sour cream

What soup and/or salad did I eat?
Fresh salad with iceberg lettuce, fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, diced egg, cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, French dressing.
A bowl of hearty chicken soup, with carrots, celery, chicken and noodles.

What bread did I eat?
Garlic toast, buttered on both sides and served hot with meal

What dessert did I eat?
Chocolate pudding

What, if any, custom meal did I order and did it arrive as ordered?

What did I have to drink (hot or cold)?
Dr. Pepper

Was my food and/or beverage at the right temperature?
Just right

What, if anything, did I specifically want to eat (on bars or menu) that was not available?

How clean was the restaurant and my table?
Very clean

How attentive was my server?
Very attentive

How was the atmosphere in the restaurant?
Temperature was just right
Music was just right
Lights were just right

If I had a sit-down meal, how comfortable was my table and chair/bench?
Very comfortable

Summary about
Restaurant Review Travel Centers of America Wisconsin Hudson

Do I feel that the value of the food and service for this truck stop restaurant experience was worth what I paid for it?

Based on my personal expectations, what grade would I give to this restaurant experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)?

Additional comments
Mel, my lady server, was very attentive and friendly! She came back to do my reorder and asked about drink refills. I thought the check was brought a little too early, as I was planning to do a reorder. It’s possible that my server didn’t know that this was how it should be done.

The gravy could have had a beefier taste, but the onions and fresh mushrooms were cooked just right. The onions were not strong like some restaurants serve and the mushrooms were sautéed just right.

The garlic toast was hot, seasoned just right and came with my reorder as well.

The baked potato was hot, done all the way through, and had butter and sour cream served on the side. This also came with the reorder.

The soup and salad bar were well stocked and very fresh and colorful. When I saw it, I knew that I needed a meal which included this!

My drink was cold, robust and not loaded to the top of the glass full of ice. A straw was also included without my asking. The chocolate pudding was flavorful and a delicious ending to the meal.

There was plenty of natural light from outside due to being surrounded by full sized windows, as well as the inside lighting. The banter of the patrons and the homey feel with real plant life both inside and out made my dining a wonderful experience. It felt good to enjoy a nice meal in a relaxed and unhurried way after a few days of running exceptionally hard.

This appears to be an older restaurant and travel center, but the experience you’ll have would be worth a stop. The menu has many options, including “all you can eat” options on the back.

Photo Gallery
Restaurant Review Travel Centers of America Wisconsin Hudson

View of meal at Country Pride Restaurant at Travel Centers of Ameria in Hudson, Wisconsin
View of meal at Country Pride Restaurant at Travel Centers of America in Hudson, Wisconsin

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