Shower Review Travel Plaza Washington Granger

This “Shower Review Travel Plaza Washington Granger” is a review of the shower facility at the Travel Plaza in Granger, WA, USA.

Note: The content on this page has been updated from what was previously submitted through our truck stop shower review form and formatted.

Reviewer: John Rooney

Granger Travel Plaza
ARCO 54686
1221 Bailey Ave
Granger WA 98932

Free Form Shower Review Travel Plaza Washington Granger:

I am a professional driver with 9 years experience. I travel with my spouse. We go to a LOT of truck stops for fuel, food, and showers.

The places we go have given us team showers (2 for the price of 1), but NOT Granger Travel Plaza. Every place cleans their showers between patrons, but NOT Granger. Every place has tried to make their truckers happy, but NOT Granger.

My spouse and I paid for team showers, $21+. My shower stall was FILTHY. It was hard to step in there. It was literally covered in dirty, blackish crud. The shower curtain was dirty with either layers of old soap or it was mildew.

My spouse’s shower conditions were worse. The dirty towels from the last patron were still in her shower and the toilet was broken, wouldn’t flush and was full of poop.

She went to ask for money back on this shower and she would share my shower, but they wouldn’t give it to her. They also didn’t apologize. She gave back her towel. By the time she knocked on my bathroom door, she was crying. She washed herself in my sink.

I want everyone to know how filthy Granger Travel Plaza is and how incredibly uncaring the staff is.

Other things wrong here included that I had to go inside to give my card to get fuel. The cashier asked me about 4 times for my driver number. She did that to the guy behind me, too. Also, there was nothing with which to wash the windows and mirrors of the truck.

Do NOT patronize this place unless you’re willing to be ripped off.

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