Shower Review Wilcohess Georgia Carnesville

This “Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville” is a review of the shower facility at the WilcoHess Travel Plaza in Carnesville, GA, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

Date: 7/10/2010

Location: WilcoHess Travel Plaza, Carnesville, GA, I-85, exit 166

Overall Facility:Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

  • Showers assigned by clerk.
  • Shower opened with key.
  • On this particular day at the time we showed up for a shower, we had no wait.
  • Extra towels were available at the front desk

Shower #2

Pros: Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

  • The shower room was spacious.
  • There was a shower curtain to keep water in the shower stall.
  • Mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • Electrical outlet tried worked well
  • Towels were adequate to meet our needs.
  • Washcloths were adequate to meet our needs.
  • Towels came wrapped with a washcloth and packaged bar of soap each.
  • There was a paper bathmat provided in the room.
  • Toilet flushed well
  • There was a soap dispenser installed near the sink
  • There was a paper towel dispenser with paper towels in it near the sink.
  • There were two towel hooks somewhat close to the shower stall. Vicki had to stretch to reach a towel from the nearest hook to dry off in the shower.
  • Shower water temperature did not seem to change when a toilet was flushed.

Cons: Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

  • We had gotten two “extra” towels from the clerk, thinking that there was already one in the cleaned shower room; however, there was no towel and no washcloth in the room. Had we known there was no towel, we would have asked for three from the clerk.
  • There was absolutely no counter space in the room. The very tiny amount of horizontal space on the back of the sink was sloped, making it difficult to get objects to stay upright.
  • The shower stall was small for large-framed customers.
  • Although the showerhead was like one used at home, the water control knob in this room was designed so that the warmer the water got, the harder the water pressure was. In order to take a shower with comfortably warm water, the water pressure was just a hair below what we would call “sand blaster” hard. In our opinion, management needs to back off on the pressure by about 25% or install separate control knobs for water temperature and water pressure in the shower stall.
  • Showerhead could not be positioned any lower so that the flow of water would go more toward the control on the stall wall.
  • While there was a blow dryer provided, it did not have the kind of flow we are used to from our own blow dryer.
  • Although there was a moveable chair in the room, it was not even close to being large enough for an oversized shower bag.
  • There was no fan in the room and it got warm in there. Before we left, Vicki’s glasses started steaming up on her face.
  • There was no light installed in the shower stall. One had to rely on filtered light coming in from the room between the top of the shower stall and the shower curtain to shower by.
  • Shower water pressure dipped noticeably when a toilet was flushed.
  • Door had no deadbolt lock on it.
  • Door had no door restrictor on it.
  • One of the two hooks on the back of the door was cracked off.
  • A device used to automatically close the door had been removed from the back of the door some time in the past.
  • There was a small amount of graffiti on the top horizontal door frame.
  • Although it appeared that the drain worked well in the shower, because of the force of the water coming from the showerhead, water backed up in the bottom of the shower stall whenever one of us showered.
  • The ventilation in the room could have been better.

Observation: Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

In our opinion, management needs to try taking everything needed for a shower into one of its own rooms to see how frustrating it is having no counter space in their truck stop showers.

When we “set up shop” at a truck stop shower sink, we put all of our toiletries and related items there, including: shaving pre-treatment, razor, two sets of deodorant, baby powder, two hair brushes, blow dryer, cotton swabs, personal hygiene items, and two sets of fragrance. Trying to jam all of this stuff on the back of a small sink, balance it on a chair or continually having to reach for it from the floor is very irritating.

Recommendation: Shower Review WilcoHess Georgia Carnesville

If installing new sinks with countertops is too expensive, having even a reasonably sized table sitting next to the sink would help tremendously.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): C+

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