Reviews of Trip Sheet Central by Truckers

In May 2010, we received a request for a review of Trip Sheet Central (website) from Eddie Gichuhi through his Twitter account to us via our Twitter account. Vicki explained in a series of reply tweets:

Thanks for wanting a review of your product on our site. We’re not owner-operators, so we would not use this product ourselves. However,…

we are interested in having others who have used the product provide an informational (not promotional) review for us on our site. What…

we can possibly do is put a list of the features of your product on a page of our site and let others who have used it and evaluate them…

Please respond to let us know if this is acceptable to you. We’re looking to help professional truck drivers save money. Thanks.

Eddie responded that he would appreciate that very much.

He offered to send the demo login and feature list, which we requested and he sent.

This information enabled us to go up and look at various parts of what Trip Sheet Central (TSC) offers.

We must issue the disclaimer that we are not users of this “”web-based truck-business management suite,”” nor are we likely to ever be users of it.

As of this writing (May 2010), we are unaware of any of their competitors but welcome the opportunity to have our readers review their products or services also.

We are all about saving money for truck drivers.

Trip Sheet Central (TSC) has greatly changed their website since then.

They describe what they do this way:

Trip Sheet Central (TSC) is a web-based truck-business management program designed specifically for Truck Carrier Operations.

We do Fuel Tax, Trip Sheets, Bookkeeping, Accounting Statements, and more for: Owner Operators, Independent Drivers, and Fleet Owners

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