Truckers Savings Journalists News Release

This Truckers Savings Journalists news release was originally sent out in December 2012.

Reading the news.It was moved to this page when we updated the program with new technology to make it easier for professional truck drivers to become Truckers Savings Journalists.

Truckers Savings Journalists Program Enables Truckers Who Share Money Saving Tips to Make Money

Summary announces the launch of the Truckers Savings Journalists program on their site. This program gives approved professional truck drivers (“Journalists”) the opportunity to earn money from advertising appearing with industry-specific money saving articles and reviews they write and submit to the site. More information about the program can be obtained at

News Release

Aiken, SC (PRWEB) December 12, 2012 — When Mike and Vicki Simons, creators of, published the 500th page of their own content and another 145 pages of reader-submitted content on their site, they felt it was time to take a revolutionary step. Today, they are launching the Truckers Savings Journalists program. This program enables current and former professional truck drivers who have been approved as “Journalists” to earn money from advertising that accompanies articles and reviews they have written, the content of which must focus on how truck drivers save money.

“… the Truckers Savings Journalists program … enables current and former professional truck drivers … approved as ‘Journalists’ to earn money from advertising that accompanies articles and reviews they have written about how truck drivers save money.”

“Since 2009, has been proven to be the place to ‘Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers,’ no matter what kinds of trucks or where in the world truckers drive professionally,” said Vicki Simons. “To meet our goal of making our site a clearinghouse of how truck drivers around the world save money, our new Truckers Savings Journalists program will encourage approved ‘Journalists’ to share their industry-specific money saving knowledge (‘truck drivers money saving tips’) with other truckers and let them earn a little something in return.”

The couple states that money should not be the primary reason to become a Truckers Savings Journalist with, because earnings alone are not enough of a reward for someone who isn’t simultaneously passionate about helping professional truck drivers save money. The authors most likely to enjoy becoming Truckers Savings Journalists will be those who wish to be involved in something significant to benefit the worldwide trucking community, not merely something that generates a paycheck. The couple further states that Journalists who drive professionally must never compromise their sleeper berth time or other work-related duties to contribute articles or reviews through the Truckers Savings Journalists program.

Allen and Donna Smith of, and were quoted in the brochure that was available at the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention. They said, “Mike and Vicki Simons have created an interactive website that is incredibly comprehensive and helpful to Students, New Drivers, and Veteran Drivers alike. They have taken their passion and desire to help people to a whole new level. We strongly urge all drivers to not just take a look, but to become a part of the expanding wealth of knowledge that has to freely offer. It truly is the Wikipedia of saving money in trucking.”

With permission, the Truckers Savings Journalists Program is based on and customized from the “Citizen Journalism Program” on

For more information about the Truckers Savings Journalists program, visit:


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Through, Mike and Vicki Simons provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road. They have developed their unique website as a place to share the tips they have learned through the years and where other professional drivers can do the same.

Since 2009, Mike and Vicki have helped untold numbers of professional truck drivers and their home support team members save money in many different ways. The couple’s 21+ years of marriage, frugal lifestyle and commercial driving experience serve as the backdrop for blending two of their passions: truck driving and saving money. Not only have they published hundreds of articles and reviews on their site, but they have also sent thousands of news snippets to their continually updated blog. The blog is about how truckers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. They also publish a free monthly email newsletter that is now in its 4th year of publication.

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