Truckers Savings Journalists Terms and Conditions

To succeed with this program, agree with our Truckers Savings Journalists Terms and Conditions at application and on an on-going basis. Agreeing to a contract or terms and conditions.

As a reminder, our Truckers Savings Journalists Program enables truckers who share money saving tips on this site to earn money.

The program gives approved professional truck drivers (“Journalists”) the opportunity to earn money from advertising appearing with industry-specific money saving articles and reviews they write and submit to the site.

Truckers Savings Journalists Terms and Conditions

By submitting a Truckers Savings Journalist Application, you agree to the following:

  1. You grant NKBJ InfoNet, LLC the irrevocable right to publish, in full (text and images), the articles and/or reviews you submit through this program on, provided that your Adsense ad is prominently displayed nearest the top of your articles and/or reviews.
  2. You confirm that you have personally written every article and/or free-form review you submit and that you have full rights to submit such for publication. You also confirm that you have not copied unattributed sentences, paragraphs or images from other sources and submitted them as your own. Any Journalist found plagiarizing content will have his/her account deleted and all content removed. See Fair Use policies for more details.
  3. You confirm that you will not submit a formed review of a truck stop fuel island, restaurant or shower until after you have personally used the service, that you will submit your review within 24 hours of use of the service, and that each new review represents a new use of the service (with a limit of one review of its type per location per month).
  4. You confirm that the information contained in every article you submit is true to the best of your knowledge and that you will not knowingly submit false information. No satire is permitted.
  5. You confirm that you are financially independent from all products and/or services about which you write. This means that you cannot take money from anyone to write about products or services, nor can you write about a company, product or service in which you have a direct financial stake.
  6. You confirm that you will not include affiliate links of any kind in your articles or author byline. You may include links to other sites, especially for reference purposes.
  7. You understand that you will receive no payment whatsoever from NKBJ InfoNet, LLC, or any of its employees, officers or principals in exchange for the right to publish the articles and/or reviews you submit. You confirm that your sole compensation for the publication rights to such articles shall be the placement of your Adsense ad nearest the top of each article or review published on the Internet.
  8. You agree to abide by all terms and conditions of Google’s Adsense programs. You agree to NOT click on your own Adsense ad. You agree to NOT encourage friends or other persons to click on your Adsense ads. Click fraud is not tolerated, and any author engaging in click fraud will be very easily found by Google. Once we are notified of such click fraud, we will immediately terminate that Journalist’s account and remove all articles.
  9. You understand that there is no commitment or guarantee of revenues you might earn from Google as a result of your participation in this program. Revenues are unpredictable and vary based on numerous factors. We offer absolutely no guarantee of any earnings whatsoever. Since we do not have access to your Google Adsense account, we have no control over your earnings or payments.
  10. You agree that the articles and/or reviews you submit for publication under this program shall be exclusive to for at least the first 90 days. After 90 days, you may publish them on other websites.
  11. NKBJ InfoNet, LLC reserves the right to terminate your Journalist account at any time for any reason. We reserve this right to deal with Journalists who might try to manipulate this program in some way. We will provide an email notice when terminating a Journalist’s account. It is not our intention to terminate any Journalist engaged in honest journalism and quality content creation.
  12. Likewise, you as a Journalist may choose to terminate your account at any time. NKBJ InfoNet, LLC and will continue to have the right to publish any and all of the articles and/or reviews you have already submitted, in perpetuity as long as we continue to place your ad code in the stated position. This right of publication extends to all images you submit with your articles and/or reviews, which you confirm you have personally taken or drawn.
  13. NKBJ InfoNet, LLC reserves the right to modify and update these Terms and Conditions as it sees fit. NKBJ InfoNet, LLC reserves the right to make minor edits for spelling and formatting to all submitted content through this program. While NKBJ InfoNet, LLC reserves the right to accept or reject content for publication based solely upon the decision of its employees, officers or principals, the process of pitching articles and reviews is designed to eliminate rejection of submitted content.
  14. In the case of disagreement, you agree to first attempt to resolve the disagreement in good faith by contacting us. If a mutually agreeable decision cannot be reached via direct communication, you agree to resort to arbitration to resolve the disagreement. You also agree that the loser of the arbitration decision shall pay all arbitration fees and any related legal fees.
  15. You understand that NKBJ InfoNet, LLC and/or will place its own ads on the same page with your article and/or review. Your Google Adsense ad, however, will occupy the position nearest the top of your article or review. NKBJ InfoNet, LLC and/or may alter the layout of website pages at any time, without notice, as long as your Google Adsense ad continues to occupy the stated position.
  16. You agree to be contacted by email in connection with the Truckers Savings Journalists program and your articles and/or reviews. You agree to keep your contact information current.

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