Annual Trucking Social Media Convention for Pro Truck Drivers

It was an honor for us to sponsor the Trucking Social Media Convention (aka Truck Driver Social Media Convention) for the second year in a row.

Trucking Social MediaThis event took place on October 27-28, 2012, in North Kansas City, Missouri (USA).

We gave away some items at the convention.

We say a huge thanks to Allen and Donna Smith, of, and, who are organizing the whole event.

Furthermore, we are honored to be part the “Circle of Trust” of organizations and businesses that support professional truck drivers. Because of this support, we think that their products, services or advocacy deserve consideration.

To show our gratitude to these speakers and sponsors, we are “giving back” by listing and linking to them below alphabetically.

Note: Names and website links appear in non-alphabetical order on, the sponsors being listed by sponsorship level.

We are enhancing the list of speaker and sponsor names and links by adding all of the Twitter links we can find.

If you know of a Twitter link that should be included, please contact us.

The Twitter hash tag for this event is #TDSMC (for Truck Driver Social Media Convention).

Our list of 2011 TDSMC speakers and sponsors is here.

Speakers at the second annual Trucking Social Media Convention
(listed alphabetically)

Name and Website Link Topic Twitter Link
Rick Ash Truck Driver Health could not locate
Toby Bogard Emcee Twitter Link
Kylla Leeburg Human Trafficking Awareness Twitter Link
Elaine M. Papp Trucking Regulations (FMCSA)
Paul Taylor Trucking Employment Law Twitter Link
Chris Voss Social Media Twitter Link
Richard Wilson CDL Training & the Truck Driver Shortage could not locate

Please note that this list does not include Special Guest Attendees, just speakers.

Mike Simons of and Allen Smith of and at the Trucking Social Media Convention on Saturday, October 15, 2011.Mike Simons of and

Allen Smith of and at the

Trucking Social Media Convention on Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Sponsors of the second annual Trucking Social Media Convention (listed alphabetically)

Name and Website Link Twitter Link
AireDock Twitter Link
Allen and Ayers Productions could not locate could not locate
Benefits World could not locate
Big Trucks Big Bucks could not locate
Bling Master could not locate
Cobra Twitter Link
Detroit Twitter Link
Dynasys APU Twitter Link (as of 12/1/2014, not updated since May 2013) Twitter Link
Hotels4Truckers Twitter Link
Hurt Trucker Twitter Link
IdleAir Twitter Link
International Trucks Twitter Link could not locate
Lone Mountain Truck Leasing Twitter Link
Max Therapy could not locate
MidWest could not locate
OOIDA Twitter Link
Pilot Flying J Twitter Link
Real Women in Trucking Twitter Link
Rehm, Bennett & Moore (Trucker Lawyers) Twitter Link
TrainCo could not locate
Trans Products and Trans Services could not locate
Transport Watch Twitter Link
Trinity Logistics could not locate
Trip Sheet Central Twitter Link could not locate Twitter Link (link no longer valid) could not locate
Waller Trucking Company Twitter Link
XRS Twitter Link

Giveaways at the 2012 Trucking Social Media Convention

We’re giving away two products that are identical to those we have personally used to save money on meals on the road.

We are confident that the two drivers who win them will find them very valuable because they have enormous money saving potential when used systematically.

The first item being given away is a Presto® Kitchen Kettle — valued at $25.

We have used this “hot pot” to prepare many meals in-truck.

The box says that the Kitchen Kettle — multi-cooker/steamer “Steams, stews, roasts, boils, deep fries and more.”

The second item being given away is a 4-quart round Crock Pot® valued at $16.

Truckers can assemble foodstuffs in a slow cooker prior to a driving shift, properly brace it against being overturned in transit, select a heat setting, and let it cook a meal that is ready to eat some hours later after the driver parks.

Both A/C-powered appliances can be used in a commercial motor vehicle when plugged into an appropriate source of electricity.

We have powered these cooking appliances in-truck by using a battery-connected inverter.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: When you contact any of the speakers or sponsors from the second annual Trucking Social Media Convention from the lists above, please tell them that you saw their link on our website.

Also if they sell a product or service, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have a discount or introductory rate.

They might not have one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Sometimes the old saying applies: “You have not because you ask not.”

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