Beanie Wienie Casserole

By: Paul,
Carson city nv

Food and Recipes IdeaIngredients

1 4 floz can baked beans
4 bun length hot dogs sliced into pucks
0.5 tablespoon minced garlic
0.2 oz butter
4 stalks green onion chopped or 3 tablespoon white or red onion

In medium sauce pan.
Set heat to medium high

Add in butter and garlic, stir until melted and slightly bubbling

Add in hotdogs stiring occasionally

Add in chopped onion

Cook until hot dogs are light to medium brown and onions are tender or lightly caramelized on medium heat.

Lower heat to simmer and add canned beans. Cook until beans are warm to hot.

You may serve this dish as is with cornbread or biscuit and if at home place in baking tray and top with string beans, sliced carrots, bacon bits, and corn bread batter at 325 for 15 to 25 mins or until light brown on top.

This dish can be cooked in one pan used for sautéing and then warming the beans. This dish can be prepared in as little as 7 mins. Cleanup is as simple as a wet wash rag and a spray of dish soap and water immediately after the pan is emptied. It can also be eaten chilled as well. This recipe makes two regular servings.