Dwelltimer App Released Google Play Open Test Phase

By: Dave Hanley,
Allen, TX USA

Truckers Savings NewsThe DwellTimer™ team announce the release of their Android App, DwellTimer™ for open testing on the Google Play platform. The transportation industry has always been negatively impacted by dead time (Dwell Time) waiting to load or unload. Industry analysts have pegged the losses to carriers in excess of $1 Billion Annually. The DwellTimer app is a simple solution that allows drivers and operators to independently prove the time they have wasted sitting and provide evidence in the form of Google Maps GPS history, and a pre-formatted billing report (with photos if desired) to recover this loss.

Using the native capabilities of Android, the DwellTimer™ app is easy to use in the field yet provides a way for carriers to document wasted time and recover the monies they are owed by this diversion. MAP-21 legislation and the new Hours of Service rules have significantly cut into the daily miles a carrier can travel. This makes the time wasted sitting even more of a loss. Google Beta allows users to deploy the app in an open testing environment. Alpha testing was completed with several regional carriers with impressive results.

Users in the field can start, track and complete a DwellTimer™ session and generate billing reports directly from their Android. This eliminates the manual (and often disputed) back office, tabulation of 2nd hand documentation.

DwellTimert™ can be downloaded to any Android device (including ELD Based androids) and is also a great tool for the truckers who are not subject to ELD mandates. Regional carriers already spend more time in the loading/unloading process than the long-haul teams, so wasted time is even more costly.

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