Ultimate P M Flop

By: David Binz,
Kelso Washington

Services Review InvitationT A Kingsville Ohio had a Ultimate PM preformed on my tractor. I sat in the drivers seat during the service and watched closley. The service took 18 minutes to complete. As far as I could tell the only things they did was to change oil and filters lube and replace the fuel filters. I asked how they checked the brake stroke and they said with a little bar. I than asked how in the heck they were able to do that without releasing the brakes. The answer well I didn’t. I insisted that and most of the other 60 something checks must also be a lie. They wanted to redo the job and offered me 20 bucks off. I said no I didn’t want to have it redone because I didn’t trust ghem. Beware when getting a service. Get the cheap one without the extras because that’s all they wiLloyd most likely do. Oh forgot they did adjust the air pressure as well. Of course all valve caps are now missing.

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Ultimate P M Flop by Anonymous
Date: Aug 15, 2016

Thank you, always helpful to listen to the advices of a professional.