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Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions Herewhat truckstops in ga. where i can get a haircut?

Response from Vicki:


Thanks for asking. I just consulted the most recent issue of ***z-amazon-the-truckers-friend.shtml*** and did not find any columns that refer to barber’s or beautician’s services. They are few and far between at truck stops.

My husband Mike and I don’t worry about getting through a place to get professionally done haircuts because we cut our own for a fraction of the price using a Wahl hair cutting kit (like the one shown) we bought many years ago.

I cut both Mike’s hair and my own. After reading a bit about how to do it, I just started doing the cuts. I have cut our hair numerous times in a truck stop shower room.

We make sure to sweep up the hair with a whisk broom and dust pan and put it in the trash can. We store the kit in a plastic pencil box and make sure we keep the razor lubricated as needed.

It may be a little tricky for a guy to cut his own hair, but I suppose it can be done basically the same way I do mine (with scissors by “feel” in the back and by hand width on the sides and top).

For guys, it might be as easy as putting an attachment/guide comb on the end of the razor to cut down to the hair length of your choice and then just running the razor up the back and sides of your head wherever you want that length and then cutting the top with scissors. Trimming around the ears and on the back of the neck can be a bit tricky and you’ll want to make sure you don’t nick yourself.

Besides having your home support team cut your hair or doing it yourself, the only other suggestions I have are either to see if someone from a local hair cutting salon is willing to cut your hair at the truck stop (you may have to pay an extra fee for an on-site call) or ride to the salon’s location (which requires showing up during their business hours).

Drivers, how do you handle getting hair cuts on the road? We’re interested in knowing not only how you do it, but how you save money in the process.

Thanks, Vicki