It Just Works

By: Johnny Utah,

Review This ProductHaving never used UCL before, started using it after researching what it actually is as I have a very long commute and want to have my vehicles last longer mileage wise than I have ever before.

I used Lucas UCL for about a year and have since switched to a Lucas UCL/Marvel Mystery oil blend for the last 6 months with no issues. Vehicles seem quieter/smoother, mileage remains about the same.

first vehicle was purchased new as a 2014, now has 185k miles on it and runs great. has a 2.4L 4 banger

Second vehicle is a SUV purchased at 40k and now has 100k, V6 and again, still runs smooth.

Does that prove UCL works? not necessarily, but it definitely doesn’t do any harm. I still use it to this day.

Note: This review is for Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant.