Laptop Stand

By: Kevin H.,

Product Review InvitationThanks for your review on laptop stand. Do you have one that you recommend?

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Kevin. Thank you for reading our review of the Trucker’s Workstation ™ Laptop Stand by Cyber Trucker. We did not have success in using this product for the reasons cited on the page.

Furthermore, we tried no others as they were not available (at least not that we saw) in the truck stop travel stores when Mike drove regionally. So, from that perspective, we cannot recommend a different laptop stand for mounting a computer to hold it open for viewing or use in the cab of a large truck (commercial motor vehicle).

One of the things that intrigued us about the Trucker’s Workstation was the fact that it was designed to “float” along with the movement of the passenger seat, thus eliminating the jarring to the laptop stand and laptop while the truck is in motion. Other laptop stands we looked at are mounted on the floor. So every time you hit rough roads, bumps, pot holes, etc., your laptop gets jarred. Although many are pretty rugged, too much jarring can cause laptops to fail. When you look at laptop stands to mount in trucks, be aware of this design aspect.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to laptop stands. We have two laptops with USB ports and power connections in different places. (Both are Dells, by the way.) The laptop a driver uses today may not be the same as what he uses tomorrow. So bear in mind accessibility of your laptop connections when you look to buy a laptop stand.

For what it’s worth, we don’t know how many professional truck drivers use laptop stands in their trucks. When Mike used a laptop in his truck, he was able to rest it on the steering wheel while he was parked.

And that is one aspect of using a laptop stand that one should pay special attention to: Why would you need to use a laptop stand for mounting a computer to look at while driving?

Assuming that one used a laptop for GPS purposes, why not just mount a GPS unit on the dash?

Furthermore, looking at either a computer or a GPS unit while driving can be distracting. The powers that be are cracking down on distracted driving.

We bought and tried to use the Trucker’s Workstation ™ Laptop Stand by Cyber Trucker for my use in the passenger seat while I rode with Mike when he drove regionally. We don’t recommend that the non-driving member of a trucking team use one to the point that sleep is compromised.

In that we tried no other laptop stand on the market in a truck and in that you want a recommendation, we’re throwing this open to our readers for their opinions.

Drivers, if you use a laptop stand in your truck, would you please submit a product review of it? When you do, we plan to cross-reference it on this page. Thanks in advance.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons