Lost My Log Book What To Do

By: John doe,
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Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereI lost my log book what do I do now?

Response from Vicki:

Hello, and thank you for asking a question on our website.

First, you never want to falsify a log book entry.

So, if you don’t have an electronic log book back up, contact your trucking company — specifically, your driver manager — for instructions.

My husband Mike and I wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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Lost log book by Anonymous
Date: Jan 06, 2017

I lost a month worth of logs before I could turn them in,what would be the best advice?

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What to do about lost log book by Vicki
Date: Jun 12, 2017

1. Contact your driver manager for advice.
2. Figure out how in the world you lost your log book and make sure you don’t make that mistake again.
3. Pray that the DOT doesn’t ask to see anything more than the last 30 days’ worth of logs.
4. Investigate the use of electronic logs.

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Logs by anonymous
Date: Jan 13, 2017

If you work for a temp agency who do you turn your logs into,the temp agency or the company you are driving for?

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Ask Your Employer about the Procedure for Logs by Vicki
Date: Jun 14, 2017

Whenever a professional truck driver begins working for a new employer or through a temp agency — and he/she is not sure of the procedure regarding “to whom” to turn in log sheets — ask.

It seems logical to me for a driver to turn in his/her log sheets to the entity to whom he/she is submitting the signed bills of lading at the end of every trips. However, if there is a different procedure, you need to understand it and abide by it.

Please refer all questions about your logs, log sheets and electronic logs to your driver manager or dispatcher. If he/she doesn’t know the answer, go to his/her supervisor. And keep going up the chain of authority until you get an answer. Do not let a lack of knowledge on the part of your supervisor keep you from being compliant with the law.