Road Pro Portable Stove

By: Kevin,
barre vt usa

Review This ProductThe stove works awesome. Food is scalding hot after just a few minutes. However because it gets so hot so quickly, I would never put anything in at the beginning of the day. I haven’t cooked meals in it, but I will boil thick soup and even boil water in about 10 minutes. I’m very pleased with the stove, however I think you should get more than 3 pans for the 4 or even 5 dollars, as they are advertised as disposable. But a roll of tin foil can do the same thing, and last much longer for the same price. I mainly heat up soup, beans, ravioli and things. Haven’t tried reheating a hot sandwich or anything. I am afraid that it may burn food if not watched closely. I bought it for 30 dollars at a truck stop. I would have liked to pay more around 20, but overall a good buy. With quick cleaning as soon as it’s cool, mine has lasted a year and a half so far.