Shower Fee At Portage, Wisconsin, Petro Infuriates Trucker’s Wife

By: P.H.,

Truck Stop Review InvitationNote: A trucker’s wife who wants to be identified only by her initials, P.H., wrote a post on one of the groups on Facebook about a situation that transpired on July 2, 2017, when attempting to get a shower at the Petro in Portage, Wisconsin.

The following wording which was submitted through our site is hers:

My husband and I arrived really looking forward to a shower. We got to the cashier desk and asked for a team shower and were going to shower together. The clerk tried to charge us $30 for a team shower! No way! We always payn$15 at all truck stops. Needless to say we were furious and would not pay that price. Later I went back into the store and spoke to the new clerk on duty and I inquired as to the price. She said we should have been told $15. This was verified by the manager. Trying to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt I asked if he was new and was told he’d been there for four years! My question is why? Was he trying to pocket that extra money? Needless to say we will never stop there again.