Shower Review – Little America Truck Stop, Little America, WY

By: Jed Turley,

Truck Stop Review InvitationThe following shower review was submitted by a professional truck driver of the facility at Little America Truck Stop, Little America, WY.(*)

Question Answer
My Name Jed Turley
Country where I drive professionally most of the time USA
I am a/an Owner Operator
Name of truck stop and its location (city and state) where the truck stop shower is that I’m reviewing Little America Truck Stop, Little America, WY
Date I used the shower at this truck stop (month, day, year) 06-30-2016
How I paid for my shower Cash
Cash price I paid for my shower, rounded to the nearest U.S. dollar, if applicable $10
How long I waited for this shower 1-10 minutes
How was my shower assigned? (Check all that apply.) Via clerk at desk
My shower number 2
Did I need to see the attendent and did this person meet my needs quickly? No, I didn’t need to see the attendent
Special attributes my shower had (Check all that apply.) No special attributes
How I rate the cleanliness of my shower room upon arrival Needs help
What was the level of dust on top of the light fixtures, air vents and fan? A little
These were waiting for my use/enjoyment in my shower room upon arrival. (Check all that apply.) Towel: one
Bathmat: cloth
Pubes on toilet and wall of shower
What was the quality of the assigned bath towel(s)? (Check all that apply.) Rough
How many towel hooks were in the room and where were they? (Check all that apply.) 1
How was the mirror? (Check all that apply.) Dirty or speckled upon arrival
Fogged up during my shower
How was the fan in the room? Fan worked well and was adjustable
How was the humidity in the room? Comfortable
How was the temperature in the room? Comfortable
Did the electrical outlets in the room work well? Worked well
How was the shower designed? (Check all that apply.) I could turn on the water without getting wet
There was a shower curtain and it was adequate
There was a light in the shower and it worked well
I did not feel cramped in the shower stall
How was the shower water temperature and pressure? (Check all that apply.) Water temperature and water pressure: controlled independently
Water temperature stayed consistent
Water pressure was just right
What were the shower head and spray like? (Check all that apply.) Shower head was like one used in a home
Shower head was at a good height
Spray width was just right
Spray type could be selected by user
Was counter space near or on back of sink adequate? Yes, it was adequate
Was I cramped while sitting on the toilet? No, I had adequate room
Was the toilet clean (nothing in the bowl and no debris on surface) and did it flush well? Not clean but flushed well
How was any seat in the room? The seat was built-in and big enough for an oversized shower bag
Was there a blow dryer in the room? No
Was a manager’s ‘thank you for your business’ letter posted in the room? Yes
The level of mold or mildew in my room (such as on the grout in the shower stall) was A little
What locks or restrictors were on the door? Both a deadbolt lock and door restrictor
Anything else noteworthy about my shower experience I got to clean my big sweaty ass after a long day getting it done for my customer. Amen!
How I grade this shower facility and my shower experience (A+ is the best; F- is the worst) C+
Would I recommend this shower facility to other professonal truck drivers? Maybe
Additional comments The girl cleaning the shower needs to pay more attention to detail or else go back to working at McDonald’s. When we truckers don’t pay attention to detail **** hits the fan real quick. I wasn’t expecting the shower to be like one of them fancy hotels like the Super 8, but I also didn’t want to see pubes from another trucker. Come on now!


(*) This review has been published exactly as it was submitted with the exception of an expletive that was replaced per our disclaimer.

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