Idle Air Sucks

By: Buddy,
Salt lake city

Services Review InvitationLocations they say are open and operating are not. Benson az….inoperable, the whole site. Now they are ******** down idle air in salt lake. The site in missouri has hoses hanging, but most dont work. Glad i am getting a truck with an apu. The idleair tv service is static. The internet sucks and wont stay connected. I dont recommend idleair, and wont ever use this scam ever again.(*)

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Buddy. Thanks for your service review of IdleAir.

Per our disclaimer, I am publishing your review as you sent it with the exception of an expletive that has been replaced with an asterisk (“*”) for each letter.

I could be wrong, but your review sounds like a culmination of multiple experiences over different times. It would have been much more helpful had your review been about a specific location where IdleAir is located, just like individual fuel island, restaurant or shower reviews are.

If you personally experienced a problem with the service at a specific location, did you report the problem at the location when the problem existed?

In other words, where were you when, and what specifically was the issue each time? It is my understanding that IdleAir will fix problems with TV signals or A/C when they know about them.

Furthermore, in response to your statement that IdleAir is shutting down in Salt Lake City, after about 10 years of operation at the Sapp Bros. location, the truck stop owners decided to redesign the lot and not include IdleAir in their plans going forward. (IdleAir advised their customers by email about a month ago regarding this.)

If the decision not to include IdleAir at the Salt Lake City Sapp Bros. truck stop displeases you, please contact Sapp Bros..

In the meantime, since you will be getting an APU in your truck we would appreciate your product review of the unit you purchase and install in your truck.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

(*) Expletive deleted.