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Packing List IdeaPack some snacks and bottled water and/or sports drinks. I have personally been stuck at shippers/receiver for a couple of hours unexpectedly and was hungry or thirsty. However if a event ever came up where you broke down or had a blowout you would be OK.

Also these items come in handy when helping out your fellow driver who is less fortunate to have remembered. 🙂

I also have been stranded on the side of the r
Waiting for the tire guy and been so thirsty or hungry for one time I remember for 3 hours. We all know that we can’t pick where that will happen when it does.

Response from Vicki:

Thank you for your suggestion about packing snacks and drinks.

We have written about snack foods (including how to save money on them) and drinking water.

We urge caution in consuming sports drinks; read the labels to make sure you’re not consuming something bad for you. Does the drink contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, caffeine, artificial flavors, added colors or other potentially harmful ingredients? Let the buyer beware. We’re sure there are recipes online for homemade sports drinks that are much healthier than commercially produced ones.

Depending on a driver’s situation, different amounts of these items can be carried in one’s truck and included as packing list items. One of our three packing lists covers “food and equipment.” Of course, we cover food and recipes separately.

Having a quantity of food — even if just snacks — in one’s truck can also be considered as part of a driver’s emergency kit. When foodstuffs are not consumed regularly, they should be rotated at least periodically. Snacks that are kept for emergency purposes only should be of such a nature that they can be stored for long periods of time. Expiration dates are posted as guides but may not signal the authoritative end of a food’s edibility.

Naturally, any perishable snacks need to be kept cold. We cover the three basic means that drivers have of keeping food cool or cold on our meal preparation page.

Thanks again for your suggestion. We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons