Love, Love, Love This!

By: Cherie,
Kiln, MS

Review This ProductWe have been traveling with and using this oven for many years. We wore out the first one after many years and had to buy another one. It has saved my health more times than I can say. It is extremely convenient and gets your food piping hot in 20 minutes, tasting more delicious than microwaved food. We plug it in and drive. We are not a trucking family but a traveling family with business and now our son uses it at college when we commutes to classes. I HIGHLY recommend this purchase. It is an EXCELLENT product and I recommend it to my friends and in my business and ministry to women who are trying to heal from food related issues.

Response from Vicki:

I’m glad that Cherie has had such good success with the product described. However, the form that was used was not product-specific. I truly wish that the product had been mentioned by name, either in the title or the entered text. Perhaps Cherie will see this on our site and leave a comment to let us know which product it was/is.